My 2nd Quilt (completed April 2014)

I bought fabric for my second quilt while I was still working on the first one. It was a kit from for a mystery quilt using Robert Kaufman fabric. It included a jelly roll, a charm pack, and some yardage.

There were directions for how to put it together, but no pictures of the finished product (thus the mystery). Neat idea, but probably not so bright for a beginner like me who had no experience with following a quilt pattern. Also, it was labeled as an intermediate project.

So much cutting…

Oh so satisfying as things started to come together

Clearly not perfect, but I was pretty excited about how things came together. I have a better understanding now of how to make seams and points come out prettier.

The quilting process for this one was so much easier than it was on the fleece quilt, but I did struggle with keeping a straight line on my ditch stitching.

I ended up doing more of a top stitch around the stars where the stitching was clearly visible, because I thought it looked better than my uneven attempts at ditch stitching.

I’m very proud of the finished product! I’m not crazy about the background fabric color, but I love this quilt more every time I see it. It was so much work, and at the time I swore I’d never do another project that had so many little tiny pieces.

While putting this quilt together, I was also learning free motion quilting (seemed like a good idea after my frustration with ditch stitching). I used leftover fabric from this quilt kit to make this little purse, and it’s the first project I used free motion quilting on.


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