Learning to Make Dog Clothes

When I took that sewing class at a local university in summer of 2013, my main goal was to learn how to make clothes for Suey, my hairless Chinese Crested. Here’s a few samples from my initial journey.

All of the fabrics for these are either fabric remnants from my local fabric store (cheap!) or repurposed old human clothes from my closet.

This is the very first outfit I made for him, and it was also the first thing I completed using a pattern. It was a little too small for him, so this is the only time he wore this one.

Here’s the second attempt, also using fleece. I used the large instead of the medium size pattern, and the fit was much better.

I used one of my husband’s old shirts to make this one, loosely following a pattern for a shirt. This material was way too flimsy for an active dog, and it shredded quickly.

This one is in flannel. Cute, but this fabric is also not sturdy enough for Suey. He has allergies and can be pretty itchy sometimes. He tore a hole in the back very quickly, and the fabric just doesn’t give enough.

This was a different shirt pattern. Cute and cozy, but the fit was all wrong. I tried a zig zag stitch around the edge of this one – not too thrilled with that effect, but part of that was my inability to sew a straight/consistent line at this point.

The accessory “flower” didn’t last long on this one. It came off the first time he played rough with the other dog.

This pattern is definitely my favorite, but I don’t like the collar design on it, so I’ve learned to modify it every time I use it. This was an experiment with a big 70’s collar.

And lastly, a toy I made with some of that remnant fleece. The dogs happily destroyed it pretty quickly.

Lots more clothes to come…


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