Suey, My Unphotogenic Muse

As a veterinarian, of course I love dogs. But I always considered myself to be a “cat person” until I lived with this amazing little guy.

My husband had wanted a Chinese Crested for many many years, and I thought it was a silly idea. Hairless dog? Gross! I knew a few Mexican Hairless dogs who were not very attractive, and they had lots of weird health issues.

However, I eventually supported his decision, and we adopted Suey when he was 8 weeks old. He stole my heart quickly, and now I can’t imagine life without him. His joy for life is inspirational to me. I think he makes me a better doctor for my patients, too – he taught me to truly appreciate the bond between dogs and their people.

He doesn’t really have to wear clothes, but he likes to. When the AC is on inside, he tends to shiver if he’s naked. He has allergies, too, so he’s prone to making a mess of his skin when he has a flare-up. The clothes help to protect him from scratching so much that he gets secondary bacterial infections.

This outfit is still one of my favorites that I’ve made for him. One of his nicknames is “Monkee,” so it amuses me to dress him in monkey-themed fabrics. The turtle neck collar I improvised on this one makes for such a cozy fit, and it’s just so sweet on him.

Here he is wearing the same outfit on a chilly morning in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

My favorite fabric for making his clothes so far is fleece. It’s thick and some of the seams can be tricky to maneuver in the machine, but overall the fabric is very forgiving. I love that the seams and hems don’t require a lot of work.

I also love that I can go to my local fabric store, Hancock, and rummage in their fabric remnant bin to find lots of cute fleece pieces. It takes less than a yard of fabric to make something for Suey, and I can usually find a big variety of fleece remnants that are perfect for this. They typically only cost $1-3 since they’re leftover bits from someone else’s purchase.

Here’s a few more fabric pieces I’ve done for him:

This was from a new pattern, and it was awful! Whoever designed the hood for it clearly wasn’t thinking about dog heads. This one went into the scrap pile.

I designed my own hood for this one – much better! And there’s my husband wearing some pajama pants I made for him out of old bed sheets.

This one was a gift for a friend’s dog.


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