Mommy Fortuna Cosplay

For Dragon Con 2014, my husband and I dressed as characters from The Last Unicorn. I put my new sewing skills to the test!


He was Schmendrick the Magician (see a previous blog for details on making this one), and I was Mommy Fortuna.


I pretty much followed patterns except for extending the length of the tunic. I also added the ribbed fabric for the sleeve cuffs.


The cuffs looked good, but I should have included elastic! They were custom fit to my wrist, so I wasn’t able to push my sleeves up when I got warm. Oops.



The hat was the hard part. I started with a plain black ball cap purchased from Michael’s, and I used craft foam sheets (also from Michael’s). I cut the brim off the ball cap, and I liked that it was adjustable to my head, especially knowing there would be a wig involved.

I stapled the foam to the hat and used heat from the stovetop to gently melt and shape the pieces. This was challenging!


I used a ball point pen to carve lines into the hat, trying to imitate wood grain.


Here’s a test piece – I ended up using brown puffy paint to give it a more textured look, and I painted over it with black and brown.


Added a few more branches and the crow. I used Elmer’s glue to attach the other branches (pinned in place with quilting pins until dry). I should have reinforced the top of the hat with something firm inside – it ended up drooping a lot when I wore it. It was fine at first, but as it got warm in the summer heat, the material relaxed.


These are styrofoam balls painted with nail polish.


The bone necklace is also craft foam.




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