Gift Quilts for Daddy and Father-in-Law

In 2014, I made quilts for my dad and for my father-in-law as holiday gifts.

I used a quilt kit from Craftsy for my dad’s quilt, the Kite Flight. The colors are so cheerful! This was m 2nd time using a quilt kit from Craftsy, which I did find very enjoyable as a beginner quilter.


This is how the kit came – a jelly roll and one piece of yardage.



Started by sewing strips together. Fun and easy!


Here’s the back of a block – it’s interesting that they can look so sloppy on the back and so perfect on the front.


Sewing helpers, as always. I tried using invisible thread for stitching in the ditch. I really didn’t like it, and I don’t think I’ll try it again. It was difficult to get the tension right, and I just didn’t appreciate the feel of it. It feels like fishing line – stiff. And it’s not soft to the touch – not what I want with a cuddly quilt.


Finished quilt (before washing). I’d like to try this pattern again with different fabrics, and I think I’ll make it wider next time, as it’s a long and narrow shape.


For my father-in-law’s quilt, I used this pug fabric as inspiration (he loves pugs!). 20141030_205547

I ended up not using the red fabric, though I like the way it looks in this little bundle.



I wasn’t too happy with this one. My husband talked me into the mustard yellow binding, and I don’t think it works (I’ve since learned to stop asking for his opinion). Plus, the black fabric bled onto the white backing when I washed it, even though I added 2 color catchers to the wash.


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