Amy Butler Belle Quilt

20150328_235545I was so eager to make a quilt with Amy Butler fabric, and I knew my Aunt Linda would be the perfect recipient. I made this quilt in extreme gratitude for her help through a very difficult experience.

There was a Craftsy video featuring videos from QuiltCon 2013, and Amy Butler was one of the speakers. Her approach to colors and design is gorgeous and inspiring!


Just look at this beautiful fabric! I used 3 charm packs to make this, along with a jelly roll of this creamy linen color.


This is my least favorite part of quilt making – putting the quilt sandwich together. I generally clear space in the living room and use painter’s tape to secure the backing to the floor. The pinning process always seems to take so long. And it’s a losing battle to keep pets off, except for the Irish Wolfhound who actually obeys my request to step elsewhere.


Free motion quilting – always a joy!


This is a strange picture – why isn’t there a cat impeding my work?

There’s sweet boy Raoul, helping as I trimmed off the edges once quilting was finished.


Sewing on the binding with Suey cuddling in the warm folds.



I love wrapping my quilts with a big ribbon before gifting them.



4 thoughts on “Amy Butler Belle Quilt

  1. I’m impressed that you machine quilt such large quilts on a regular machine. I don’t do bigger than baby quilts on my Janome. Pinning is my least favorite as well. Have you ever used basting spray? I use it now for mine, but they aren’t that large.


    • I haven’t tried basting spray yet – doesn’t it need to be done outside? And I was worried about quilting the big stuff at first, too, but it hasn’t been an issue at all. The hardest part for me is making tidy stops and restarts on the free motion quilting.


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