Grunge Moda Basic Grey – Wedding Gift


After rejecting the Satsuki Jewel quilt to give as a wedding gift, I started looking closer at this jelly roll, Grunge by Moda. The Satsuki Jewel quilt felt too traditional and scrappy, and I thought a more modern quilt would be a better choice for the recipients in mind.

I did a search on the fabric, just casually looking for ideas, and I happened on a pattern featuring this exact fabric line!

Kinda felt like cheating, but it was pretty much the look I was hoping for, and I’d never done a pattern like it before.

Lots of cutting…


The blocks were really fun to piece! I enjoyed putting all the different colors together in so many different combinations. So satisfying.



Free motion quilting


Trimming off the edges is always thrilling


Sewing the binding


I love using wonderclips to hold the binding in place while I hand sew – it keeps the edges from fraying so much in the meantime.


Love this one! Was fun and easy, and I look forward to trying this pattern with other fabrics.



Satsuki Jewel Quilt

I’d like to blog about my current project(s), but I feel like I need to catch up on old stuff first! So here’s another one I started in early 2015. I bought a layer cake of Robert Kaufman Satsuki Jewel, thinking it would make a lovely quilt for a wedding gift. I’d also been wanting to try out an altered squares pattern.



I cut each square into 4 pieces – either equal squares or triangles.



The fabric is pretty, but I really wasn’t crazy about the way this was coming together. Too patchy – I think the fabric needed something a little more orderly.

IMG_0283 (1)

I used this fabric for border and backing. This is another mistake I learned from – it’s best for bordering colors to go from lightest to dark, not darkest to lightest as I did.


IMG_0298 (1)

Quilt sandwich, first layer



Quilted with free motion meandering pattern

IMG_0308 (1)

A full layer cake pack makes a big quilt!

IMG_0313 (1)

IMG_0332IMG_0495 (1)

IMG_0549 (1)

I always have helpers for hand sewing the binding

IMG_0716IMG_0721IMG_0732 (1)IMG_0735

I realized early on that this wasn’t the quilt I wanted to give as a wedding gift and started another project that I loved! (hate to say I’m so disappointed in this one, but it was another good learning experience).

Amy Butler Belle Quilt

20150328_235545I was so eager to make a quilt with Amy Butler fabric, and I knew my Aunt Linda would be the perfect recipient. I made this quilt in extreme gratitude for her help through a very difficult experience.

There was a Craftsy video featuring videos from QuiltCon 2013, and Amy Butler was one of the speakers. Her approach to colors and design is gorgeous and inspiring!


Just look at this beautiful fabric! I used 3 charm packs to make this, along with a jelly roll of this creamy linen color.


This is my least favorite part of quilt making – putting the quilt sandwich together. I generally clear space in the living room and use painter’s tape to secure the backing to the floor. The pinning process always seems to take so long. And it’s a losing battle to keep pets off, except for the Irish Wolfhound who actually obeys my request to step elsewhere.


Free motion quilting – always a joy!


This is a strange picture – why isn’t there a cat impeding my work?

There’s sweet boy Raoul, helping as I trimmed off the edges once quilting was finished.


Sewing on the binding with Suey cuddling in the warm folds.



I love wrapping my quilts with a big ribbon before gifting them.


Gift Quilts for Daddy and Father-in-Law

In 2014, I made quilts for my dad and for my father-in-law as holiday gifts.

I used a quilt kit from Craftsy for my dad’s quilt, the Kite Flight. The colors are so cheerful! This was m 2nd time using a quilt kit from Craftsy, which I did find very enjoyable as a beginner quilter.


This is how the kit came – a jelly roll and one piece of yardage.



Started by sewing strips together. Fun and easy!


Here’s the back of a block – it’s interesting that they can look so sloppy on the back and so perfect on the front.


Sewing helpers, as always. I tried using invisible thread for stitching in the ditch. I really didn’t like it, and I don’t think I’ll try it again. It was difficult to get the tension right, and I just didn’t appreciate the feel of it. It feels like fishing line – stiff. And it’s not soft to the touch – not what I want with a cuddly quilt.


Finished quilt (before washing). I’d like to try this pattern again with different fabrics, and I think I’ll make it wider next time, as it’s a long and narrow shape.


For my father-in-law’s quilt, I used this pug fabric as inspiration (he loves pugs!). 20141030_205547

I ended up not using the red fabric, though I like the way it looks in this little bundle.



I wasn’t too happy with this one. My husband talked me into the mustard yellow binding, and I don’t think it works (I’ve since learned to stop asking for his opinion). Plus, the black fabric bled onto the white backing when I washed it, even though I added 2 color catchers to the wash.

Kitten and a Holiday Quilt


We found Raoul in July 2014 in our neighborhood when driving home after watching a World Cup match. He was emaciated, dehydrated, and covered in fleas. It took a couple of days to nurse him to the point of acting like a normal kitten – he wanted constant human contact to ease his achy belly.


This was the day he figured out how to climb on my desk and “help” me sew.


This was made from a few charm packs – Solstice by Kate Spain.


It took me a few months to finish this one, as I worked on it casually between other projects. No hurry since it was meant to be a holiday gift.

Helping with the quilt sandwich

I step away for a moment and come back to this!

See how he’s growing?

He always jumps into the picture immediately! Nice coincidence that he was wearing holiday clothes, too.

Batik Jelly Roll Race Quilt

I made this quilt in October 2014 as a wedding gift. I purposefully tried to pick a pattern that I could knock out quickly, as I didn’t have much time to complete it. I went to my local quilt shop to peruse their patterns and fabrics, and I decided on a Jelly Roll Race with this pretty batik collection.

Raoul helped a lot with this quilt! This is the backing that I was attempting to tape down to the floor before putting the quilt sandwich together.

Raoul continued to help with constructing the quilt sandwich.

Free motion quilting

It took me about 2 weeks to complete this project, pretty much using all of my free time when I was not at work.

Wrapping is fun, too! I didn’t make a matching pillow case for this one.

Charley Harper Birch Quilt for Mom

I fell in love with this Charley Harper for Birch fabric the first time I saw it. And I immediately thought it would be perfect for a quilt for my mom! She has lived in Australia since 1997, but she does miss Georgia. When she visits, she often talks about how she misses the wildlife here… squirrels, cardinals, deer, chipmunks. Not that the wildlife isn’t spectacular where she lives – it’s just different.

Anyway, this fabric was an inspiration to make an american creature quilt for my mother. My biggest challenge was deciding on a pattern or design. This fabric has such a beautiful grid, and it just seemed wrong to cut it up into small pieces. I wanted to figure out a way to still preserve and display the original fabric.

If I remember correctly, I bought some yardage of that original inspiration fabric, plus a selection of fat quarters from this collection. I cut the yardage down into pieces that preserved  small sections of the “grid blocks” (not really sure how to describe this), and then I made strips from the rest of the fabric that was the same height as the big pieces. One of the fabrics also had squirrel images that I wanted to preserve in the same way, but those “blocks” were a different size. I ended up using a ton of algebra to make the final design and layout.

quilt top

free motion quilting

I made the mistake of buying embroidery thread from my local fabric store for this project. I’d recently been working on a Craftsy class for free motion quilting that touted a preference for polyester thread. I should have ordered decent thread online, because this thread gave me so much trouble with frequent breakage. I’ve since used both cotton Aurifil and polyester Isacord, plus some other cotton brand I got from Missouri Star Quilt Company, and I’ve not had any issues with breakage. I’m still undecided about my personal preference for thread except to say I certainly don’t like cheap polyester thread from the local fabric shop!

I wanted this quilt to be soft and cuddly, so I tried to keep the quilting wide spaced. I’m not sure how much difference this really makes for free motion quilting, but it seemed like a decent idea at the time.

Cuddling and sewing the binding, my favorite part

I made a matching pillow case for the gift wrap.

Raoul helping with the pillow case

All wrapped up and ready to send to Australia!